Tuesday, January 02, 2001

This girl sounds like my sister. She's 17, and she thinks she's the oldest 17 year old in the history of the world... which probably ever 17 year old does. But the part that reminds me of her is how the girl is talking about how ridiculous her parents are not to trust her because she wouldn't make "dumb decisions." Meanwhile, the rest of the blog is filled with recaptured memories of umpteen nights that seemed to involve alcohol and who knows what else. At 16, if you're getting trashed every weekend night... normal or not, it's still dumb.
I can't stand all these blogs and web pages made by 14 and 15 year old girls who talk about their "childhood" as if it's over and expound about their overwhelming maturity while giggling about their latest crush, but I am amazed at how much html they know. I was still arguing with my parents over getting internet access at 14; these girls are making really awesome-looking web pages.

Sunday, December 31, 2000

I've noticed a trend that whenever I'm alone for long periods of time, I want to post to this. And when I'm not, I mean to post, but soon forget about it. And the times when I'm not alone I feel like I never have anything interesting to say.
Or maybe the bland just seems more interesting when I'm all I have for entertainment, and the most interesting thing anyone's done around here in the past 48 hours occurred when I made a (failed) attempt at chicken tikka masala, and my cat continued to sleep on the couch as she had been for the past few years.